What is Web Analytics?

Generally speaking, web analytics refers to the analysis of the relationship between a website and the users of that website. However, in online consulting and e-commerce, web analytics has a domain/industry specific meaning, which we will address in this section. When e-commerce began to emerge as a major industry, it came with its own set of needs, requiring professionals who could measure the effectiveness of strategies, the current status of a website, and the demographics and demands of a site’s users. etc. But above all, the development of the Internet has been accompanied by what we now call Big Data. To meet these new challenges and needs, a new field of expertise and knowledge has developed, called Web Analytics. An important part of this new field of information technology was the software used to measure. And conduct web analytics. These types of programs and computer tools have made it possible to monitor the relationship between websites and their users, the two poles of a dynamic relationship, which is the basis of web analysis.

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