The 03 essential steps to succeed in your project

Note: To help you in your project idea, you will find in the useful documents section a document with more than 20 project ideas that you can think about.

Here we are in the heart of the matter, his project. One thing that you really need to consider and that is super important for anything to do is clarity. Yes, it is necessary to remember, the clarity. Everything must be clear in the mind for the result to be satisfactory. Doing this exercise of clarity for any project, allows to have a 360 degree view on the project, question to take the good decisions. Here we will focus only on the clarity for his business.

We will summarize in 03 steps to do absolutely:

1. ask yourself the right questions to know if your project is serious

2. create a clear and visual business model

3. establish an effective action plan

Let’s go through each step in detail, to see what you really need to do for an effective and efficient result.

1. ask yourself the right questions to know if your project is serious

It is a matter of asking real and good questions about the project you want to do. Tell yourself the truths, be realistic, obviously without being negative or pessimistic because such an attitude will not help you. Why is it important to ask the questions and answer them clearly? The answer is simple, have a clear knowledge of what you want to do so that you can go about it with all the energy necessary to achieve the desired result. Here is a set of questions that can give clarity on what you have to do as a project:

▪Am I interested in this project? Here, don’t just say yes or no but also mention what really justifies your answer.

▪Do I have the necessary skills? At this level, all kinds of skills must be taken into account. Because you can have just the theory and be surrounded by the necessary technical skills.

▪Do I have the resources? This is where you list all the resources you will need to make your project a reality: financial, human, intellectual, etc.

▪Do I see myself working on this project every day? For several years? You will have understood, are you really available to devote yourself to it?

▪What can my project have that others don’t? How do I stand out? It’s about bringing out the added value, the difference you bring, about standing out from the crowd.

Note: You must answer these questions by being honest with yourself. Your worst enemy is you. Do not spare him. If you feel, deep down, that it’s not going to work, change your project.

2. create a clear and visual business model

It should be noted that there is a difference between a business plan and a business model. Making a business model is simply answering the question – “How am I going to make money?” While the business plan, will help you to find the financing for your project. This is for a third party who wishes to join your project.

To make a business model, there are necessary tools but to make it simple, a list of questions to answer as quickly as possible to move forward in the implementation of its project. The goal is to simplify as much as possible to go faster and better.

▪Who will my customers be? You must already know to whom you want to sell the products or services of the project. So you have to know them already.

▪What value will I pass on to them? It is necessary to define the values that your project must convey.

▪By what channel will I transmit to them?

▪What type of relationship will I form with my customers?

▪For what and how much are my customers willing to pay?

▪What resources will I need?

▪What will be my primary duties/activities?

▪Who will my partners be?

▪What will my costs be? (distinguish between fixed costs, which you will have to pay regardless of your sales volume, and variable costs, which vary according to your sales volume)

You must know that there are tools (Business canvas model) to do this and if you answer these different questions quickly in 2 hours for example, you will be finished with your Business model and everything is ready to launch.

3. establish an effective action plan

▪You have a business idea you’re proud of and a clear business model then all that’s left is to get started. This requires an effective action plan. Making an action plan is simply listing the next steps in your project, dividing them into major areas and subtasks.

▪It is important to differentiate between an action plan and a business plan, as many get confused. An action plan as mentioned above is essential for you and the business plan is useless for you and essential for others. It is there to convince others about the viability of your project and nothing else. So as long as your project has a clear business model and an effective action plan, the business plan is useless.

▪The action plan helps you in the progress of your project, short, medium and long term. You can use paper or software to draw (Mindmeister, an online software) your Mindmap


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