Asking the right questions

Having a project idea is the easiest thing you can have. Everyone can and should have them. Having it is not enough, you have to work on it in order to turn it into money, into a viable and profitable project.

As an entrepreneur, you are called upon to solve your company’s problems, which means that your idea must provide a specific solution to a problem you have identified. By providing a solution to a problem, you can easily succeed in transforming your idea into a business project and then profitability.

To do this, you have to ask yourself good questions, think seriously about what you have to offer. This while avoiding spending days, weeks, months or years thinking about it, like the wantrapreneurs.

To put it simply and accurately, the answer is this:

What: What is the purpose of the project?

Who: Who is involved in this project? Who are the stakeholders?

Where: Where will this project take place?

When: What is the project schedule?

How: What are the means, material, financial… available?

Why: What are the reasons for this project?

Avoid trick questions such as:

Is my idea a good one?

The idea is never good or bad, it must meet a need. It will be up to you to identify it.

What is the best legal form?

The best legal form is the one you choose according to the size of your company, its governance and your partners. The legal form is only a mere shell. At the end of the project, the shape is determined.

What kind of help can I get?

Assistance depends on your location, your personal status and the nature of your project.

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