Dr. Robert IKechuwu Okongwu

Author, Leader, Teacher, Certified International Trainer, Certified Project Management.

Ikechukwu Okongwu

Dr. Robert Ikechoukwu has over 30 years of experience as a teacher and trainer. As a priest of the Catholic Church, he was a good manager and project manager, which allowed him to occupy several positions and climb the ladder. Born in Nigeria, where he took his first steps as a teacher-educator in the seminary of the Diocese of Enugu, he now lives in Switzerland, where he has been Pastoral Administrator and responsible for Caritas Markt Chur since 2018.

Gifted with great managerial skills and a passion for giving, he is the co-founder of African Ivory Essen e.V. where he has been putting his project eating expertise to work since 2014.

Open-minded, resilient, independent, creative, team player and motivator, he shares his experience on a daily basis through his simplicity and humility. “We Dare Not Dream” is a condensation of his experience and vision of life.

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