Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

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Bring Me Up Institute (BMU) is a leadership and business management institute that provides a dynamic, world-class online education to a new breed of skilled business leaders who will themselves contribute to their communities economically, socially and environmentally.

Our learning programs are designed to provide students, leaders and business owners with the opportunity to grow and create a unique impact in their education, careers and organizations.

Our courses are focused and customized programs designed to add value and meet the needs and expectations of our students.

Unlike the traditional chalk and board method of teaching, e-Learning has completely transformed the way learning is delivered to students. E-learning makes learning simpler, easier, more effective, more affordable and available to everyone.

Today’s learners prefer relevant, mobile, flexible, timely and personalized content and approach. The only way to meet this need is the online learning mode, as learners can study at their own pace and according to their needs.

BMU Institute understands the urgency and need to provide customized and effective courses designed by a team of business professionals, financial experts, economists, public health experts and academics, who, based on their expertise and experiences, know the market expectations and skills needed to succeed in today’s business world.

BMU Institute collaborates with civil society organizations, academic institutions and governmental institutions that recognize our diplomas and certificates as credit modules or as proof of professional qualifications.


— To train and nurture a new breed of skilled business leaders around the world through quality digital learning, who will themselves have a positive impact on their communities by creating businesses, jobs, markets, and reducing the high rate of poverty and unemployment.

— Create a new paradigm that will empower individuals to create wealth, regardless of their education level. To allow everyone to create wealth to be economically autonomous without having to go through traditional education.


Our vision is to provide a platform for people to create wealth, regardless of their level of education, through accredited, quality education that enables these emerging leaders with strong leadership and business skills to contribute positively to their local and global communities for sustainable development, economic growth and well-being for all.

The Three Pillars of BMU


Individual e-learning

Our courses are 100% online and self-study, whether asynchronous, synchronous or blended, ensuring maximum learning retention.


Online Group Learning

Our courses are affordable for anyone who wants to improve their skills and abilities, and no previous experience is necessary.

Practice / Internship

We accompany you in the practice of what you have done as training

Our courses are focused and customized, with industry-specific examples and case studies that reflect today’s business world.


Value-added training

Learn from the experiences of those who have proven themselves. No need for a degree, learn a skill. Those who know how to do, share with you their experience, no matter what you want to do, we find for you an ideal person to share with you his knowledge.

Our mentors

Those who prepare and share with you their knowledge and being.


Dr. Pirre Celestin Taptue

Dr. Pierre Célestin Taptue

Director and Program Coordinator

Mr Romial Kenmogne

Mr. Romial Kenmogne

Co-founder / Executive Director

Dr. Robert Ikechukwu Okongwu

Dr. Robert Ikechukwu Okongwu

Director and Program Coordinator

Mr Francis Fokwa

Mr. Francis Fokwa

Co-founder / Director of Operations

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